For over 20 years, we have been working to recapture the flavors of authentic traditional Basque gastronomy, using high-quality seasonal ingredients and careful preparation. Our cuisine is simple, devoid of complexities, focusing on the product and its origins, where raw materials and fire take center stage as the driving forces behind each dish.

Our menus

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Our Roots

The dream of the brothers became a reality when they opened their first Sagardi restaurant in the historic Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, which, over twenty-five years ago, has since expanded to 5 countries and 8 cities due to its great reputation and success. From the very beginning, we have established a special relationship with the Basque Country, maintaining a tightly woven network of local contacts and suppliers with unique products. This relationship goes beyond the professional realm and shares a common focus on the pursuit of excellence and the purity of ingredients, which are the true keys to traditional Basque cuisine.


The traditional Basque country farmhouses are living symbols of the deep connection between humans, the land, and the products that emerge from it. Situated in beautiful rural landscapes, they are the heart of Basque agricultural and livestock production. Our products come from these farmhouses, fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables cultivated in fertile soils and nurtured with care. Moreover, the rearing of animals in these farmhouses allows us to obtain top-quality meats and sausages from animals raised sustainably and with respect.


The Basque grill is the heart of Sagardi. It's a custom-made tool, the result of years of work and refinement, and a highly valued profession. It's a craft that requires practice, learning, and emotional intelligence to interpret timing and temperatures. And if there's a king of the grill, it's the Basque txuleton, a true institution in the Basque Country that Grupo Sagardi has managed to internationalize. It's a unique cut in the world that requires meticulous selection, and with the help of our meat selectors, we have been able to bring it to distant countries and cultures.

The Basque Experience

Sagardi baskische chefs is the epitome of a true Basque experience. Quality is everything: every Basque has an opinion on where to find the best cheese, seafood and txuleton. However, the food culture unites all Basques, which is fostered by their joint connection to culinary traditions.We serve the finest cuts of txuleton red meat, fresh wild seafood, and vegetables from our own gardens thanks to the great produce from the Basque Country and knowledge of our Basque ancestors. We provide a wide selection of handcrafted drinks, a fine selection of more than 250 exquisite wines, alongside traditional Basque sagardo (cider) from Guipuzcoa, and Txakoli. 


Sagardi Group is a strategic partner of the Euskadi Gastronomika Club of Basquetour. A concept created with the goal of reviving traditional Basque cuisine, with particular emphasis on the selection of ingredients and produce from exclusive, artisan Basque producers and suppliers. Whether you are looking for a place to eat steak or enjoy a unique culinary experience in Amsterdam, Sagardi is where you should reside.

Passionate dream

Sagardi was born from the passionate dream of two Basque brothers Iñaki and Mikel Lpz. De Viñaspre. From early childhood they learned how to cook traditional and authentic Basque food from their "amona" (Grandma) in her small kitchen in Vitoria, Basque Country.


Every day, the finest fresh wild fish from the main Basque and Mediterranean fish markets arrives at SAGARDI's table to be grilled. The wildness of the Cantabrian coast in the Basque Country is renowned for its excellent fish. Pure flavors of the sea and salt that we cook with utmost respect and care.

Our   Value

The farmhouse is the heart of the bountiful Basque orchard, a hardworking land shaped by generations of diligent work by Basque farmers. This scarce and challenging terrain, along with distinct seasons, gives rise to a wide range of seasonal products that enrich our dishes. All the vegetables we use are organically grown in our own gardens. 

Our Meat

Central to the Basque Country heritage is beef. In a centuries old tradition, the Basque’s have paid homage to the txuleton. Beef from former dairy cows (8-16 years old) that have been part of the homestead all their life, and seen through their working years before being put out to pasture.

Beef from old animals is a rarity in Amsterdam. Since it is not economically feasible to rear cows for longer, beef production is around 1-2 years old. The difference in the Basque Country is that when cows reach old age, after enjoying retirement on a 100% natural diet, only then are they graduated into steaks. In a final act of tribute, the txuleton beef is cooked, shared and enjoyed as a community.

Sourced from small farms in the Basque Country, we cultivate relationships with the few remaining, Basque farmers that nurture cattle into old age. As the cow ages, both the fat and muscle mature, providing a completely different eating experience. Older animals have a depth of flavour that is simply not found in the young, with an increased texture and fat marbling from years on pasture. Dry-aged for up to 40 days, slow-grilled over hot coals, and served in 1kg portions (minimum).