This is the origin of such well-known dishes as cod Biscayan style (or "al pilpil"), the “marmitako", the "txangurro", huge red and white tuna, etc. On the other hand, in the mountains we can find the highly acclaimed mushrooms that give any dish its unique aroma and flavour.

Tolosa beans and Gernika peppers are a great example of the quality of Basque products. Progress has been made in the cultivation of plants with respect for the environment and improved care of the land, but there has also been a commitment to improving livestock farming in accordance with ecological principles and respect for animals. All of this has provided Basque gastronomy with high quality products that help to maintain Basque cuisine at a high level.

The Basque cheeses are normally made from sheep's milk. This gastronomy has a wide range of cheeses, but Idiazábal cheese is rated as one of the best cheeses in the world. You can find also a wide variety of Basque drinks, such as the marvellous wines of the Rioja Alavesa, the sagardo (cider) from Guipuzcoa, the txakoli… Finally, Basque confectionery has its traditional dishes, such as goxua, itxaursaltsa, pantxineta or one of our favourites, the Basque cake.

Basque Country

The gastronomy of Basque Country encompasses a whole group of gastronomic traditions and recipes that are typical of the region, characterised by a wide range of ingredients, simple preparation, popular roots and the use of seafood, lean meats, local produce, dairy products, among other very tasty ingredients that give rise to a traditional recipe book of Basque gastronomy.

Basque Country Chefs

A project born from the dream of two brothers, Iñaki and Mikel Lpz. De Viñaspre, who in their childhood learnt to cook true traditional Basque cuisine with their grandmother. It was in 1996 when they opened the first pintxo bar in Barcelona, Spain. Now this is a consolidated project and a benchmark in hospitality world, initially specialising in quality Basque cuisine and now also diversifying into other gastronomic cultures. A cuisine love story based on quality product, cooked over a slow fire, a pure cuisine with the grill as its great emblem and a table to enjoy and share.

Mikel & Iñaki
Lpz de Viñaspre

Iñaki López de Viñaspre is a chef, anthropologist and businessman. More than 25 years ago, together with his brother Mikel, he opened the restaurant IRATI in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. IRATI was the seed of Sagardi Group.

Sagardi Basque Country Chefs represents 100% of Iñaki's gastronomic philosophy, based on a quality product, a pure cuisine with the grill as its great emblem and a desire to revalue the great dishes of Basque cuisine and its exceptional products.

Mikel López de Viñaspre began his career as a griller in the best steakhouses of the Basque Country, where the great steaks are a religion. Debtor of a gastronomic past as rich as that of Basque cuisine and its marvellous products. More than 25 years ago, together with his brother Iñaki, he founded the Sagardi project with the clear goal of spreading the traditional Basque cuisine culture around the world.



Simplicity and loyalty to the best quality product. We offer a product cuisine, taking care of every last detail. A table to share and enjoy the traditional Basque gastronomy. In our menu you will find every day the best product from our vegetable gardens, farmhouses and coast, fresh and assorted suggestions, cooked with the utmost respect and sensitivity for the best flavour and texture, marinated in the best wines and ciders from the Basque Country.

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The farmhouse is the centre of the generous Basque market garden, a laborious land that is the result of generations of hard work by Basque farmers. The land is scarce and difficult to work, but a wide range of seasonal products that enrich our dishes are grown around the farmhouse and the marked seasons. All the vegetables we use are organically grown in our own gardens.


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